Why Choose EFL?



The process of choosing a gym is often confusing, but here at EFL there are no gimmicks or sales pitches.  While the trend among facilities is to lock you into 3 or 12 month contracts we have found that once people start training at EFL the vast majority of members keep training more than a year anyway.  And since our primary goal is to serve as fitness teachers then we’d rather have the quality of the training be the deciding factor rather than contract length. We believe decisions regarding health should be based on quality over financial concerns.

As a matter of principle one should not have to pay a higher rate just because they aren’t familiar with an approach to training and don’t want another long term financial commitment.  We would like to prove our commitment to helping you reach your goals and earn your trust, which is why all are welcome to experience our initial assessment process with no strings attached, meet other members, and learn more about our approach to health and fitness.  We are confident that EFL has the most knowledgeable and educated training staff in Portland, inspirational members, quality equipment, and inviting space.

The most important thing we want you to know about Elemental Fitness Lab is that we base everything on years of experience, research, and continuing education with the best practitioners in the fitness, rehab, and nutrition fields. This means everything we do, from warm-ups to cool down is based on what is most effective and efficient.

As part of getting to know us, and us knowing you, we will undertake a full assessment process only after which we can recommend what type of training is best for you.  By going through the Functional Movement Screen, goal setting, and other parts of the assessment we can help determine the best course of action to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Think of EFL as your fitness resource, whether that involves flexibility, strength, conditioning, or post-rehabilitation work.

This explains why we offer semi-private training (1-3 people training together, each using a program written specifically for them), one-to-one training, and training programs to be done on your own. Every member in our facility is training using a written program based on their unique goals and fitness status. Another unique membership feature is that every member training with a coach also has access to their program for use when training on their own.

Random workouts produce random results. This is why we do not offer generic “cardio” classes, and why our members have access to their individualized programs when training on their own.

In order to prove we are the finest gym in Portland, EFL offers a trial package for only $100 that includes a full assessment and Functional Movement Screen, fitness/nutrition consultation, and 3 semi-private training sessions, along with access to our group classes.  Come meet our staff, hang out with our members, move, and evaluate our service. At the end of the trial package if you aren’t satisfied then we are more than happy to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

Thank you again for your interest and we hope to be able to help you on your journey to better health.

In Health,

Chris Bathke