Our next upcoming workshop is Awareness Through Movement: Discovering Ease and Mobility in the Hips & Back.
When: Sunday, November 13th, 9:00-11am
Where: EFL. 1905 MLK Jr. Blvd. Price: $55 if you register before November 6th, then it is $65 (-$5 for EFL members)

Participants will explore intricately structured movement sequences designed to increase awareness of habitual contraction patterns and provide the opportunity to discover new possibilities and ease throughout these movements.

Benefits include:
Reduction of pain and tension in the body
Heightened attention to the sensory experience of movement
Awareness of habitual patterns of holding that may cause pain or limit mobility
More ease and comfort throughout daily activities
Improved balance and dynamic stability
Increased performance potential

Who is Awareness Through Movement for?
Anyone interested in developing a deeper awareness of their body and the way they move
Anyone who experiences pain or tension related to injury, posture, and/or repetitive use stress
Anyone with an old injury that causes pain or limits their activities or performance
Anyone interested in improving their performance abilities and potential

We at EFL are dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities in the area.

Mary Kibbe, LMT, has been exploring movement and the potential for changing the sensory relationships we have with our bodies and the way we inhabit the world for nearly twenty years. Her background includes her work as a massage therapist and an Awareness through Movement ® instructor as well as studies in psychoanalysis, intercultural communication, and creative writing. Her own personal movement interests currently include hiking, running, and the martial art of Aikido.

You must register to reserve your spot, we are limiting this to 20 participants.
for questions or assistance registering please contact chris@elementalfitnesslab.com or 503-281-0105.

Register HERE and select events.

  •  "In clinical practice, recommendation to patients to work with a personal trainer is often met with several standard objections:

    1. 'I worked with a trainer once and I got hurt.'
    2. 'I hate the thump, thump, thump of the loud music and all of the posers in yoga pants.'
    3. 'The last trainer I had was more focused on taking my money than on helping me reach my goals.'
    When Chris Bathke arrived in Portland several years ago and set up Elemental Fitness Lab, I had heard of his reputation as someone who had honed his craft under some quality names in the strength and conditioning world. I was elated at the possibility to finally have a resource and a location to segue my patients from rehab to supervised training. My initial optimism has been surpassed by the actual wonderful results I have seen in my patient population over the past 4 years working closely with Chris, Blaine and Gabe at EFL. I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Chris and his crew at EFL for no-nonsense, personalized, results focused training with an absence of the common objections above. Thanks guys for being there for me and my patients!!" –Phillip Snell, DC. Chiropractic Physician

  • Thank you to Chris Bathke and Elemental Fitness Lab. It feels so good to be back and helping my body move and breathe right. The quiet brilliance of Chris's work is inspiring. Portland friends, I can't recommend Elemental highly enough. –Emily PowellOwner of Powell's Books

  • EFL is fantastic. I've been going there once a week for about two years, and the functional changes in my body are amazing. They listened to exactly what I wanted to work on and designed a custom program. I feel safe going there, since the trainers are precise and exacting, so I can work smart and notice big changes after only a few reps; I'm not exhausting or injuring myself with zillions of reps in terrible form. Also, as a structural integrator, not only do I get to geek out about anatomy and movement with the trainers, but this is where I refer my clients. I know that their tender knees, tricky low backs, and vulnerable shoulders will be met with custom plans, careful supervision, and smart options for increasing strength, mobility, and ease. Plus, the sense of community can't be beat! –Kyra Ahlstrom

Watch EFL segments on KPTV’s Good Day Oregon: Suspension Training, and Core Training.

To learn more about us watch this clip with Dr. Phillip Snell, then go here to see client testimonials

We are located at 1905 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland, OR 97212. Just one block north of Broadway near the Moda Center, we are on the corner of MLK and Hancock. Lab access hours via keycard are M-F 5am-8pm, Sat/Sun 5am-3pm.

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