We are offering a new small group class in April/May!

The Elements of Back Health class This 4 part class focuses on the most common areas that we lose mobility in: Tight hips, back, & shoulders. You’ll learn effective exercises to improve mobility, flexibility, core strength, and improve resilience to the physical stress of daily life and activities.
This class is appropriate for all fitness levels, and will be particularly beneficial for individuals with a history of back and hip stiffness, and those cleared by a rehab clinician to return to activity after a back injury.

Wednesdays in April & May from 5:30-6:30pm: April 18th, 25th & May 2nd, 9th.
This class is $40 for the 4 weeks ($70 for two if you sign up with a partner) and is capped at 15 participants to ensure quality of coaching and attention to detail.
Please RSVP to blaine@elementalfitnesslab.com.
You can register HERE

Thanks to all who attended Dr. Ed Thomas’s Restorative Exercise Workshop, and thank you to Dr. Thomas for being so giving of his time and knowledge.
We hope you enjoyed learning from Dr. Thomas and continue to impart the knowledge has accumulated over a lifetime of study. We at EFL will continue to practice and learn so that we can better assist our members in improving their health and fitness.
Please check the EFL Facebook Page for continuing video, photos, and other instructional material and updates

Here is an excerpt of Dr. Thomas teaching a fundamental figure 8 Indian club pattern.

People Just Like You Say:

  • My only regret with joining EFL is that I didn't do it 20 years earlier. I could have enjoyed years of strength, fitness, and proper movement rather than piling up injuries through a combination of ignorance, bad programming, and poor form. EFL has given me a targeted, science based program, and comprehensive training on the movements that is entirely unavailable at chain gyms. Beyond that, their level of education and experience puts them head and shoulders above other trainers I've worked with in the past. The cost of one reconstructive surgery would cover your membership for a decade, it's well worth the investment in yourself. Every day I feel the benefits of the exercises I do at EFL." –Dan Stiles

  •  "In clinical practice, recommendation to patients to work with a personal trainer is often met with several standard objections:

    1. 'I worked with a trainer once and I got hurt.'
    2. 'I hate the thump, thump, thump of the loud music and all of the posers in yoga pants.'
    3. 'The last trainer I had was more focused on taking my money than on helping me reach my goals.'
    When Chris Bathke arrived in Portland several years ago and set up Elemental Fitness Lab, I had heard of his reputation as someone who had honed his craft under some quality names in the strength and conditioning world. I was elated at the possibility to finally have a resource and a location to segue my patients from rehab to supervised training. My initial optimism has been surpassed by the actual wonderful results I have seen in my patient population over the past 4 years working closely with Chris, Blaine and Gabe at EFL. I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Chris and his crew at EFL for no-nonsense, personalized, results focused training with an absence of the common objections above. Thanks guys for being there for me and my patients!!" –Phillip Snell, DC. Chiropractic Physician

  • Thank you to Chris Bathke and Elemental Fitness Lab. It feels so good to be back and helping my body move and breathe right. The quiet brilliance of Chris's work is inspiring. Portland friends, I can't recommend Elemental highly enough. –Emily PowellOwner of Powell's Books

  • EFL is fantastic. I've been going there once a week for about two years, and the functional changes in my body are amazing. They listened to exactly what I wanted to work on and designed a custom program. I feel safe going there, since the trainers are precise and exacting, so I can work smart and notice big changes after only a few reps; I'm not exhausting or injuring myself with zillions of reps in terrible form. Also, as a structural integrator, not only do I get to geek out about anatomy and movement with the trainers, but this is where I refer my clients. I know that their tender knees, tricky low backs, and vulnerable shoulders will be met with custom plans, careful supervision, and smart options for increasing strength, mobility, and ease. Plus, the sense of community can't be beat! –Kyra Ahlstrom

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As of June we are offering a new membership option in order to better serve you
As more people are being referred to us from areas further away, and as traffic gets worse in Portland we have been working on a way in which we can assist people to the best of our ability and so introduce Periodic Personal Training.

This option is ideal for individuals whose lifestyle, schedule, or location makes weekly scheduled sessions difficult, or for those more experienced in training who no longer need frequent coaching but for whom accountability and quality are important.

Periodic Personal Training includes a detailed, individualized program and a monthly one-to-one personal training session to instruct and guide your independent execution of that plan. The private training session is necessary as it allows us to focus entirely on teaching you precise details of form and technique so that you will have the best results possible with your program.

What Periodic Personal Training includes:
The first step is an assessment, where we discuss goals, health history, then do a Functional Movement Screen and other methods of assessing to determine what your program will consist of, and time allowing, coach you on movements likely to be in the first program.

Subsequently there are 2 options:

Gold: One private session per month, facility access via keycard, and a new program every 3 months (4 per year). $115 per month.

Platinum: One private session per month, facility access via keycard, and a new program every 2 months (6 per year). $130 per month.

Watch EFL segments on KPTV’s Good Day Oregon: Suspension Training, and Core Training.

To learn more about us watch this clip with Dr. Phillip Snell, then go here to see client testimonials

We are located at 1905 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland, OR 97212. Just one block north of Broadway near the Moda Center, we are on the corner of MLK and Hancock. Lab access hours via keycard are M-F 5am-8pm, Sat/Sun 5am-3pm.

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