We are excited to host a women’s personal safety workshop on Saturday, August 20th, from 9-11am. Only $49 .
We at EFL are dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities possible to assist in health and safety. And the reality of the society we live in requires that we be able to protect ourselves and loved ones.

The instructor Michelle teaches self-defense full-time, and also does private security, and has many years of martial arts and teaching experience. Her approach is to impart skills that help prevent a violent situation from happening at all, but also physical escape skills if the situation is unavoidable.

You will learn:
Personal Awareness
Assertive Communication
How to recognize and deter potential threats
Practical physical escape strategies and techniques

This workshop is appropriate for any woman age 14 and over. You must register to reserve your spot, we are limiting this to 20 participants.
for questions or assistance registering please contact chris@elementalfitnesslab.com or 503-281-0105.

Register HERE and select events.
Aug 20th 2016 Elemental Fitness

  •  "In clinical practice, recommendation to patients to work with a personal trainer is often met with several standard objections:

    1. 'I worked with a trainer once and I got hurt.'
    2. 'I hate the thump, thump, thump of the loud music and all of the posers in yoga pants.'
    3. 'The last trainer I had was more focused on taking my money than on helping me reach my goals.'
    When Chris Bathke arrived in Portland several years ago and set up Elemental Fitness Lab, I had heard of his reputation as someone who had honed his craft under some quality names in the strength and conditioning world. I was elated at the possibility to finally have a resource and a location to segue my patients from rehab to supervised training. My initial optimism has been surpassed by the actual wonderful results I have seen in my patient population over the past 4 years working closely with Chris, Blaine and Gabe at EFL. I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Chris and his crew at EFL for no-nonsense, personalized, results focused training with an absence of the common objections above. Thanks guys for being there for me and my patients!!" Phillip Snell, DC. Chiropractic Physician

  • Thank you to Chris Bathke and Elemental Fitness Lab. It feels so good to be back and helping my body move and breathe right. The quiet brilliance of Chris's work is inspiring. Portland friends, I can't recommend Elemental highly enough. –Emily PowellOwner of Powell's Books

Our new small group training format is up and running.
Feedback has been positive, and we are happy in that the way in which we can coach rapidly empowers participants to self-assess and understand better what they as individuals can do to maximize their efforts in exercising. EFL members said that they better understood particular movements by coaching another person and then being coached, guided by staff, so that they immediately felt how an exercise or position should feel and look so that their level of competency leveled up.
The two groups offered are Movement Essentials and Fitness Development. Whether you want to develop movement quality/post-rehab/joint mobility, or fitness/conditioning we have you covered.

Small Group Training allows for enhanced member interaction, and the learning experience is quite intensive and efficient.

Movement Essentials is appropriate for those coming out of rehab and those who want to improve fundamentals such as body awareness, breathing, mobility, and stability. These sessions are held Monday 5pm, Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 5pm.

Fitness Development is for those that fundamentally move well and want to increase their level of fitness and conditioning.These sessions are held on Tuesday/Thursday 5pm, Friday 7:30am, and Saturday 9am.

Session times are set during the week: Tu/F @ 7:30am, M/Tu/W/Th @ 5pm, Sat @ 9am.

    Watch EFL segments on KPTV’s Good Day Oregon: Suspension Training, and Core Training.

    To learn more about us watch this clip with Dr. Phillip Snell, then go here to see client testimonials

    We are located at 1905 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland, OR 97212. Just one block north of Broadway near the Moda Center, we are on the corner of MLK and Hancock. Lab access hours via keycard are M-F 5am-8pm, Sat/Sun 5am-3pm.

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