Elemental Fitness Lab Services


Semi-private coaching

Semi-private training, which means 1-3 members to 1 coach, is highly effective in more ways than one. It is half the cost of private training, which means members can train more often, more consistently. Even though up to three people are training together, each person uses a program tailored specifically for them.

In addition, we have found that training with other people is motivational and just plain fun. It also means schedules are more flexible as you are not locked into only times when a coach has an open hour, but have the freedom to easily change days/times.

Our semi-Private training system is not only backed by real-world results, but also by research:

“Supervised exercise versus non-supervised exercise for reducing weight in obese adults.
Nicolaï SP et al
J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2009 Mar;49(1):85-90″

This study study looked at the effects of training with a trainer versus no supervision.

Group one trained together as a group with a trainer twice a week for 4 months.
Group two received only advice and access to a gym for unsupervised exercise (i.e. the way most people work out in gyms).

The group with supervision lost on average 362% more fat over a 4-month period. (Total fat loss of 13.4lbs in the coached group – and only 3.7lbs in the advice only group)

Note – these improvements were made without any dietary advice given. Imagine if they had a coach also working with them on nutrition?

With our semi-Private clients we regularly see fat loss amounts greater than the above study due to our combination of effective training programs and nutritional advice.

Private Training.

For those that want completely individual attention, who are brand new to training, or are dealing with injury or movement restriction, 1-1 private training memberships include a Functional Movement Screen and full assessment, unlimited access to training (auto-renew membership), up to 4 ($82 per session) or 8 ($77 per session) coached sessions per month, and a customized program designed for your individual needs. We can also create a custom membership for you with flexible coached sessions.

Membership Options

All memberships require an initial assessment ($80) that includes consultation regarding past health, injury, and exercise history. We also discuss nutrition, lifestyle and other pertinent information that will affect your progress, and then conduct a movement assessment including a Functional Movement Screen and further tests so that we have a thorough understanding of how to best address your needs. A quality assessment is absolutely crucial to ensuring we can help you to the best of our abilities.

In order to prove the quality of our training EFL offers a trial package for you to experience our services. $100 includes up to 4 semi-private training sessions. The required initial assessment, which includes a Functional Movement Screen and initial goal and nutrition/lifestyle consulting is separate. Joining a gym should be a serious decision, which is why we extend this offer to anyone, no strings attached, for you to come meet our team, our members, and take part in our assessment and training process.

The Basic Membership ($80 per month) gives unlimited access to training, utilizing the program designed for you, plus keycard access with a auto renew membership. We can customize this membership so that you may add Semi-Private, or Private training whenever you wish.

We suggest this membership for those with experience and proficient exercise technique, and no injuries.

The Gold Membership ($184 per month) includes unlimited access to training via keycard access with auto-renew memberships and up to 4 semi-private training sessions per month. Also includes a customized program developed for you.

The Platinum Membership ($348 per month) includes unlimited access to training via keycard access with auto-renew memberships and up to 8 semi-private training sessions per month. Also includes a customized program.
This is our most popular offering for those new to this type of exercise or in the process of rehabbing an injury.

Training Programs are 3 months (approximate) in scope, in order to fit well with most people’s goals that are often seasonal. Includes a full assessment session so that you and we have all the necessary information to best plan your progress, and so that you understand exactly what how to use what we design and reap the most benefits. We use information you provide, and that which we gather during the assessment to structure a training plan that you can use at EFL (with the Basic Membership) or elsewhere. This option is good for those with schedules too busy to allow for coaching sessions, travel, or budget concerns.