Christopher Bathke, MA, CSCS,



Education and Experience 

Chris is a fitness coach specializing in movement quality and health. He holds a Masters of Arts degree and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In addition he is pre and post-natal certified, and holds coaching certifications from Precision Nutrition, the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, and the blessings of Dr. Ed Thomas to teach his method of Indian Clubs.

A firm believer in the value of continuing education and experience, Chris’s approach to is to integrate research with practical knowledge gained from years of working with everyone from post-rehab individuals to athletes. As a former Master Instructor for Equinox Fitness, Chris developed and implemented trainer education programs, and continues to be involved in teaching workshops for trainers and the general public. On the learning side he continues to learn from the best minds in the fitness and physical therapy worlds including Dr. Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, Dr. Ed Thomas, Dr. Phillip Snell, Bill Hartman, The Prague School of Physical Therapy (DNS), and many others.

Elemental Fitness Lab is a culmination of learning how the best fitness coaches produce consistent results for their clients, and merging that with his background in various arts and sports. He has studied studied martial arts in Japan and the U.S. for more than 15 years, competes in cyclocross and kettlebell sport, and enjoys surfing, snowboarding, bouldering, cross country skiing, and golf.

Chris also enjoys writing, and has written articles for Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health UK,, and Oregon Healthy Life.



Blaine Brignell, NPTI, IKFF-CKT

Blaine keeps a quality of life oriented perspective on training and health. Focusing on effective, clear instruction, he has worked with a range of individuals from post-rehabilitation, to athletes (generally recreational, some serious) seeking to improve and refine their performance. After identifying your goals and individual learning style, a cycle of evaluation and assessment, learning skills, and performing movement begins. Having clients spend time learning to intellectually and physically understand the feedback their bodies provide, then to apply that understanding creating focused, efficient, effective movement is a cornerstone of Blaine’s coaching style.

Whether your interest lies in sport, the outdoors, a post-rehabilitation return to athleticism or fighting off the slow onset of years, training is for you. Whether you want to keep up with your children, cast great stones at the highland games, or make tracks at a local race, there is a characteristic common among Blaine’s clientele you might share. Those who find personal value and satisfaction in using their bodies, and in the process of learning and improving, seek his coaching to the most success. Personally holding a firm belief in lifelong learning, Blaine strives to gain and refine the skill sets necessary to communicate his knowledge to those who are interested, regardless of their background, experience, or current physical ability.
Blaine started training after completing a vocational program through the National Personal Training Institute in 2010, and has helped hundreds of individuals improve their movement, health, and fitness with smart training and effective coaching. If he’s not at the gym working or exercising, you can usually find him on a patio with a book & a beer, out in the hills camping, running, backpacking, and generally soaking up the PNW, or sitting ‘round a table laden with friends and board games, waxing philosophic & talking smack.